People of Austin did not miss the ride sharing service

The ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft shut down their services in Austin after the strict regulations set by the City Council. Both the transportation companies thought that the people of Austin would suffer without ride hailing service, but the Austin found a different way to ride cabs with the help of the social media website.

A group called Arcade City Austin was formed on Facebook with thirty two thousand members comprising of the cab drivers and riders. If a rider needs a lift they will post it on the social media website and the drivers respond to the request along with the waiting time. There is no fixed price, so some drivers set up their own price depending on the ride, while in some cases the riders fix the fares according to their ride. Arcade City’s Director of region, Chris Winston started this service to decentralize the car hailing companies and it was started on the New Year’s Eve in New Hampshire. This service is very popular in Austin, where they were facilitating with Zoplay Technologies twenty thousand rides in one week with one thousand four hundred drivers. There are chances for this service to spread in many other cities where the ride sharing company is operating.

With the help of this group, both the drivers and the riders are aware of the peers and can travel with a secured feeling, in some cases the riders become regular customers and this builds a friendly bonding among both the people. Arcade City team is in the process of developing a customized app for their service.


Ride sharing company is not interested in manufacturing cars

The leading automobile giant Toyota Motor Corp partnered with the American ride sharing company which created a lot of speculations among the automakers and the transportation industry. The ride sharing company’s CEO Travis Kalanick visited the Daimler factory near Stuttgart and met the CEO of the company, Dieter Zetsche. Later both the CEOs of the company met the press reporters. When they were asked whether both the companies will do to Develop Uber for X App business together, Dieter Zetsche said that in 2013 they invested in Blacklane, the chauffer portal because they were dominating the industrial market. The ride sharing company’s CEO said that if the company is interested in the investment they do not want their investors to rule their business.

The ride sharing company has raised nine million dollars from January 1st including the $3.5 investment from Sovereign Wealth Treasury in Saudi Arabia. The y have also partnered with the Italian company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Daimler is the company that introduced, the ride sharing giant to venture into the driverless car technology which will reduce the time spent in parking and the down-time of the cars. The transportation experts said the automobile companies are aware that the new generation is not interested in owning a new car, but use them for their needs, so those companies are looking for long term goal.

Daimler has a ride sharing service called Car2Go and the company has plans to expand their business into mobility apart from manufacturing the trucks and cars. The business valuation of the German Company is $63.5 billion euros.